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CEO & Creative Director

Javi Reyes, was born in Tampa, FL, but moved to Lakeland when he was seven years old. While growing up he always wanted to be in the creative field and own a business. It wasn't till his last year in college at Southeastern University was he reminded of that underlying passion of creating opportunities for others. Before deciding to start his business Javi graduated with his BS in Business Administration. 

JR16 Creatives LLC is all about building relationships for a lifetime, and not just a simple transaction. Helping your business or organization grow is  our top priority.

My Motto is "I want to create a good headache for you, to decide whether or not to expand." 

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Caleb Randall is a Jacksonville native who graduated from Flagler College with a Broadcast Communications degree. Caleb has a passion for storytelling has 6 years of experience running his own video production company. Currently, he focuses on story branding for businesses from the concept through the final edits; storyboard, script-writing, shot list, production, and post production. He works with JR16 creatives to add quality content for his clients.


Wesley Varughese

Production Assistant


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