Quiet Time Companion Promo Video Project

We are very delighted to share news that we will be producing Wholehearted Quiet Time promo video for social media use. They have put in a lot of creative juices in producing this journal/planner, and well guys its going to be something that you’ll need if you read your bible or just want to reflect and dot some thoughts together. There is one thing you can expect from this, is that its just not a product it’s an experience and you’ll definitely stay organized!

On the creative side of JR16 Creatives we will be filming in an Airbnb that Wholehearted rented for the project. We’ll have one main model for this production. Since we are not producing a tv commercial and this doesn’t require a large production crew etc. We will be filming everything with the Sony A6500 & Sony A7RII. For this shoot we’ll primary use two lenses either the Sigma APS-C 16mm f1.4 and the full frame lens Tamron 28mm-75mm f2.8. We’ll be filming extremely early at 6am to get everything setup and to make sure we catch the sunrise for the shots we need outside. The location of this shoot will be in Lakeland, FL. If you live in FL, you already know that in the evening its typically raining. Us Floridians know that in the summer it’s definitely not the Sunshine state. Stay tuned for the behind the scene pics & post to see how everything turned out!